The earliest evidence of ancient dentistry we have is an amazingly detailed dental work on a mummy from ancient Egypt that archaeologists have dated to 2000 BCE. The work shows intricate gold work around the teeth. This mummy was found with two donor teeth that had holes drilled into them. Wires were strung through the holes and then around the neighboring teeth.


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Music in Princess Tutu: Season 1

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Music in Princess Tutu: Season 2

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I want a story about a gay girl disguising herself as a guy to get into an all boy school. When she meets her roommate, he happens to have a banging personality and a very pleasing face. The girl has a sexuality crisis because she starts to fall for the roommate but in reality, the roommate is actually another girl disguised as a guy so that she can attend the school

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Kentucky Route Zero is such an eerie and pretty game.

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During World War II, Josephine Baker served with the French Red Cross and was an active member of the French resistance movement. Using her career as a cover Baker became an intelligence agent, carrying secret messages written in invisible ink on her sheet music. She was awarded the Croix de Guerre, and received a Medal of the Resistance in 1946. In 1961 she received the highest French honor, the Legion d’Honneur awarded by then President Charles de Gaulle.

Our loss, U.S.A….

If you don’t admire the shit out of J. Baker, who was also pretty openly bisexual and adopted NINETEEN children in addition to the badassery mentioned above, I want you to go sit in the corner and think about your life choices.

um she was also a huge civil rights activist and her refusal to perform for segregated audiences at major clubs that were fallin over themselves to book her helped de-segregate vegas performance venues

aaaand she had a pet cheetah


Adding to it, she was the first choice to lead the civil rights movement after the death of MLK, and turned it down because it meant leaving her family.

She was also awarded much by the US.

You ever wanna know where I draw my “spunk” from, look to her…

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i have a bunch of humble games that are duplicates or that i’m not really into myself, i should gift them

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I’m grossly proud of these photos

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Dragon Age: The Royal Family of Orzamarr by sqbr

Family portrait of Leliana and a female Brosca as queens of Orzamarr. They’re in the throne room with Rica, baby Endrin, Shmooples and Dog. Drawn in a cartoonish style with lots of purples and golds.

Drawn for the Dragon Age Reverse Big Bang, and inspired From Dust to a New Dawn.

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Hey! So, Coming Out Day is coming up soon (Oct. 11) and I just want to post a very stern reminder to NOT out anyone without their explicit permission.

Do NOT out anyone.

Got it?


this is also a less important point, but still worth noting: DO NOT “come out” as an ally. don’t you dare.

Also - don’t feel pressured to come out. You don’t have an obligation to put yourself in an unsafe situation for any reason.

same for me! i have this problem with bioware games where i only romance ladies (problem hah!) so i know i have three options… i wonder what theyll do if we dont romance anyone?

*horn’d mage ladies fistbump*

i sympathise with your grave and terrible problem. the only bioware game where i haven’t romanced a lady when given the option is DA2 when playing a mage, bc fenris rivalmance, and even then i spend so much time gazing wistfully at merril and isabela.

hmm, i don’t know? possibly a lot of sitting around looking sad and lonesome.



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hmm, hey dragon age followers/mutuals who are getting inquisition, any of you know what your character will be for your first playthrough? i’m kinda curious!

personally i’m going with lady qunari mage. i have no idea who i’m gonna romance, tho.

#i'll probably have a better idea when i get to interact with the characters